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FlexPoint FP4

4" Miniature Point Source Loudspeaker

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The FP4 is a point-source loudspeaker designed for short-throw distributed systems which require premium sound quality from a miniature enclosure. It delivers exceptional output and performance for its size and is ideal for installations requiring spot and fill coverage where space is limited. With a wide and smooth frequency response, it reproduces both speech and music effortlessly.


  • Miniature, passive two-way loudspeaker
  • High output capability relative to size
  • Coaxial Point Source configuration
  • Wide frequency response for quality speech and music reproduction
  • 4” (100mm)/1.25” (32mm) voice coil LF driver
  • 1” (25mm) polymer diaphragm/0.7” (18mm) exit HF driver
  • 110° conical dispersion
  • 3D prediction software [DISPLAY 3]
  • Powered by iKON or VIA amplifiers


  • Fill and spot coverage where space is limited
  • Theatres and churches requiring minimal visual intrusion
  • Distributed systems in bars and restaurants
  • Museum and gallery installations
  • Immersive sound spaces
  • Portable corporate AV events

Its miniature size and flexible mounting options, including mic stand, make for discreet integration within any setting — from small stages, churches, museums and galleries to theatres, bars and restaurants. Being both portable and surprisingly powerful for its size, it can also be used for corporate AV events and as a fill loudspeaker within a larger sound system. When supplemented by a subwoofer, it is also an excellent choice for a premium background music system in a wide variety of venues.

The FP4 is a two-way passive design featuring a 4” LF driver and a 0.7” exit HF driver with a 1” diameter high-temperature polymer dome. It has an impressive maximum SPL of 108dB peak, and its Coaxial Point Source configuration produces a well-defined, conical 110° dispersion pattern which is perfect for close proximity applications.

Its durable birch plywood enclosure is finished in hardwearing textured paint and incorporates threaded inserts for U-bracket, wall bracket and mic stand mounting. A steel grille with a triple-layer polyester backing presents a discreet, professional appearance, while resisting dust and water ingress to IP54 environmental rating.

FP4 can be powered by iKON amplifiers, or by VIA amplifiers when used with a DX4.0 controller, or alternatively a DX0.4 or DX0.6 controller. FP4 systems can be modelled in 3D using Display 3 design and prediction software.

TYPE Coaxial passive 2-way
FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 4π (5) 142Hz - 18kHz
± 3dB, -10dB @103Hz with preset
DRIVERS LF: 4", 1.25" Voice coil, Ferrite Motor HF: 0.7" exit, 1" Voice coil, Coaxial HT polymer dome compression driver
SENSITIVITY (4V 1m free-field) 84dB
RATED POWER 60W AES, 240W peak
MAXIMUM SPL 102dB Cont, 108dB Peak (6dB)
DISPERSION (-6dB) 110° conical
CONNECTORS NL4MPXX speakons (pair), Pheonix terminal block 1725302
PIN CONNECTIONS (LINK) 1+/- and 2+/-
FITTINGS 4 x M6 inserts, 1 x 3/8” (mic stand) fixing point
DIMENSIONS (W) 130mm, (H) 130mm, (D) 126mm (W) 5.1ins, (H) 5.1ins, (D) 5.0ins
WEIGHT 1.9kg (4.2lbs)
Architectural Specs

FlexPoint FP4

The loudspeaker shall be a passive, two-way coaxial system comprising a 4” low frequency driver and a 1” dome/0.7” exit compression driver. It shall be operated in conjunction with a dedicated electronic controller or controller amplifier.

The dispersion of the loudspeaker shall be 110° conical and its on-axis frequency response shall be 142Hz-18kHz +/- 3dB. Its power handling shall be 60W AES, 240W peak, and it shall produce a maximum SPL of 108dB peak at 1 metre. Rated impedance shall be 16 ohms.

The rear connector panel shall be fitted with two NL4MP type connectors and a Phoenix terminal block. Low and high frequency sections shall be integrated by an internal 2.6kHz passive crossover network.

The enclosure shall be constructed from plywood and finished with a hardwearing textured paint. It shall incorporate threaded inserts for U-bracket, wall bracket and mic stand mounting options. The coaxial driver shall be protected by a perforated steel grille with a triple-layer polyester backing.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 130mm x 130mm x 126mm (5.1in x 5.1in x 5.0in). Weight shall be 1.9kg (4.2lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio FlexPoint FP4.

Technical Drawings & 3D Models
Martin AudioFP4 Tech Drawing

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Technical Drawings for FP4



3D SketchUp Models for FP4



Revit File 

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Recommended Electronics

FlexPoint systems support a flexible electronics package but must include either a Martin Audio DSP amplifier or controller in order to access settings.

For the optimum sound performance, Martin Audio iKON amplifiers with onboard DSP are recommended.

Alternatively, but for primarily installation projects, Martin Audio VIA amplifiers in conjunction with a DX4.0 system controller, or DX0.4 / DX0.6 controller will provide a more cost-effective option.

When used with iKON amplifiers or DX4.0 controllers, systems utilise Vu-Net. When used with DX0.4 or DX0.6 controllers, systems have standalone software.


VIA2004 Product Shot
VIA2004. Four-Channel Class D Amplifier.


Four-Channel 2000W Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

250 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA2502 Product Shot
VIA2502. Two-Channel Class D Amplifier.


Two-Channel 2500W Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

450 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA5002 Product Shot
VIA5002. Two-Channel Class D Amplifier.


Two-Channel 5000W Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

1600 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

VIA5004 Product Shot
VIA5004. Four-Channel Class D Amplifier.


Four-Channel 5000W Class D Amplifier
Lightweight 2U Rack Height

450 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms

DX4.0 Networked System Controller
DX4.0 Networked System Controller


4-in-8-out Networked Loudspeaker Processor, Controller and Matrix


DX0.4 Networked System Controller
DX0.4 Networked System Controller


2-input, 4-output system processor Networked System Controller


DX0.6 Networked System Controller
DX0.6 Networked System Controller


2-input, 6-output system processor Networked System Controller


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