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Dual 15”, passive, direct radiating subwoofer

SX215 Subwoofer
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The SX215 is a very powerful, compact subwoofer with an operating range of 45-100Hz + 3dB. Featuring two long-excursion 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil drivers with water-resistant cones and triple roll surrounds, it delivers exceptional low frequency extension and impact from such a compact enclosure. Eight reflex ports with a large frontal area increase LF output efficiency and reduce turbulent air noise at high levels.


  • Dual-driver, direct radiating subwoofer
  • Dual long excursion 15” (380mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil drivers with water-resistant cones
  • Very high output capability
  • Plywood enclosure with flying inserts
  • Large ports for reduced air noise


  • Live sound reinforcement for medium-size venues
  • Fixed installations in concert halls, theatres and ballrooms
  • Sports stadium and arena installations
  • Houses of Worship
  • Conference halls and corporate AV events
  • Nightclubs, bars and hotels
  • Retail outlets and leisure centres

Finished in hardwearing textured paint, the SX215 incorporates threaded inserts for eyebolt suspension of a single enclosure, while an M20 threaded plate facilitates pole-mounting of Martin Audio full-range enclosures. Four ergonomic handles assist handling and installation, and the drivers are protected by a coated steel grille with an acoustically transparent fabric backing.

The SX215 can be used singly, or stacked using locating skids and mating channels at the base and top surface of each enclosure. Cardioid operation can be achieved by arranging the SX215 in forward and rear-facing pairs, with each enclosure powered individually in conjunction with dedicated DSP presets.

The SX215 is available in black and as standard is suppled without castors which are available as an accessory pack.

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TYPE Dual Driver, Direct radiating subwoofer
Crossover Frequency 100Hz
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 4π (5) 45Hz - 100Hz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 36Hz
DRIVERS LF: 15” with 4” Voice coil, Ferrite Motor
SENSITIVITY (2W 1m half space) 106dB
(1W 1m half space) 103dB
MAXIMUM SPL (SYSTEM) 136dB continuous, 142dB peak
DISPERSION Omni-Directional/ or Cardioid (paired)
Connectors 2 x NL4
PIN CONNECTIONS (LINK) 1+/- and 2+/-
DIMENSIONS (W) 961mm, (H) 463mm, (D) 679mm (807mm with Casters)
(W) 37.83ins, (H) 18.23ins, (D) 26.73ins (31.77ins with Casters)
WEIGHT 64kg (141lbs)

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